2023 Winter Specials

Quarterly Special valid from January 1st - March 31st, 2023

Thermomark E Series

Automated marking for maximum efficiency

For the first time ever, the THERMOMARK E SERIES marking system combines and automates several process steps in the identification process, thereby enabling a considerable increase in efficiency in this time-consuming undertaking.

Maximum efficiency: time savings of around 60% with printing and application in a single process step
Flexible response with the modular system comprised of a standard thermal transfer printer and three applicators for different identification solutions
Consistent digital workflows: controlling and automatic data processing from CAE systems
Easy handling and constantly high quality with the automated process
Phoenix Contact Thermomark
Thermomark E.WIRE
Print and apply of captive cable marking
Up to 70% time savings compared to manual marking and application processes that involve shrink sleeves or wire wrap labels.
Thermomark E.WRAP
For wrap around labels
Up to 60% time savings compared to manual printing and application processes with self-laminated wrap-around labels.
Thermomark E.SLEEVE
For heat shrink labels
Up to 75% time savings compared to manual marking and application processes with shrink sleeves.

Universal Front Adapters for Allen Bradley ControlLogix

Tool-free handling of the I/O card

The universal front adapters for Allen Bradley ControlLogix® are available for 20- and 36-position I/O cards. Due to the open cable ends, any termination board can be connected.
High degree of flexibility due to universal 1:1 connection
Individually marked with standard marking material
Selection of four standard cable lengths for easy configuration
High quality through 100% testing
Easy handling due to tool-free unlocking
Phoenix Contact FL mGuard
Cable ends marked and equipped with ferrules
Integrated shield
Marking options on the adapter
Rated up to 250 V AC/DC, 4 A
Phoenix Contact 2908863
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/20XOE/ 1,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908864
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/20XOE/ 2,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908865
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/20XOE/ 4,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908866
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/20XOE/ 6,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908859
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/36XOE/ 1,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908860
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/36XOE/ 2,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908861
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/36XOE/ 4,0M/1756
Phoenix Contact 2908862
Front adapters - VIP-PA-PWR/36XOE/ 6,0M/1756

Toolfox Tool Sets

The RIGHT tools for your on the GO needs!

Phoenix Contact 1200102
Toolbox - CRIMPFOX 4 IN 1 SET
Phoenix Contact 1212505
Tool set - TOOL-WRAP
Phoenix Contact 1212422
Phoenix Contact 1202072
Tool set - CRIMPSET 6
Phoenix Contact 1208843
Phoenix Contact 1208953
Phoenix Contact 1200295
Battery-powered screwdriver set - SF-ASD 16 SET
Phoenix Contact 3202960
Range box - AI SORTI BOX RD
Phoenix Contact 3202986

AC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


The QUINT-UPS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used to ensure that power for critical electrical loads continues to be supplied in the event of disturbances in the power supply network, e.g., due to mains breakdown or failure.

Offline topology VFD-SS-311
Comprehensive signaling
Integrated USB interface
High efficiency
PC mode for safely shutting down industrial PCs, for example
Phoenix Contact ups
Phoenix Contact 1067327
Uninterruptible power supply - QUINT4-UPS/1AC/1AC/500VA/USB

Control Cabinet Surge Protection


Surge protection, consisting of protective plug and base element, with integrated status indicator and remote signalling for single-phase power supply networks.

Phoenix Contact Surge Protector
Phoenix Contact 2907916
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-24-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907917
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-60-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907918
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-120-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907919
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-230-FM-UT
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