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2024 Spring Specials

Quarterly Special valid from April 1st - June 30th, 2024

Signal Conditioner

MINI Analog Pro

Safe isolation, conditioning, filtering, and amplification for analog signal processing
Configurable using software or DIP switches or both
Compatible with numerous analog signal combination inputs
Integrate field signals into industrial networks while also benefiting
from safe electrical isolation
Phoenix Contact 2902040
Signal conditioner - MINI MCR-2-UI-UI-PT
Phoenix Contact 2902037
Signal conditioner - MINI MCR-2-UI-UI
Phoenix Contact 2905028
Signal duplicator - MINI MCR-2-UNI-UI-2UI-PT
Phoenix Contact 2905026
Signal duplicator - MINI MCR-2-UNI-UI-2UI

Unmanaged Switches

FL 1000 and 1100 series

Requires minimal space thanks to very compact design
Gigabit versions with jumbo frames for high data throughput
Multiple approvals, including maritime and hazardous
Temperature range from: -40°C to +75°C
Metal body (base and DIN latch)
AC or DC input range; 9-32VDC or 18-30VAC input
Phoenix Contact 1085170
Phoenix Contact 1085165
Industrial Ethernet Switch - FL SWITCH 1008NT
Phoenix Contact 1343027
Industrial Ethernet Switch
Phoenix Contact 1085163
Phoenix Contact 1085162
Phoenix Contact 1085115
FL SWITCH 1116T - Industrial Ethernet Switch

M12 connectors with Push-Lock connection

Tool-free with direct plug-in

Tool-less connection of rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules
Intuitive conductor connection with color and numerical coding of the contact levers
High conductor pull-out forces with proven spring-cage technology
4-,5-pos. // A-, B-, D-, S-, T-, K-, L-coded
Shielded, unshielded - IP65, IP67
Male, female // straight, angled
Phoenix Contact 1424649
Connector - SACC-M12MS-5PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424651
Connector - SACC-M12MR-5PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424652
Connector - SACC-M12FS-5PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424653
Connector - SACC-M12FR-5PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424654
Connector - SACC-M12MR-4PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424655
Connector - SACC-M12FS-4PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424656
Connector - SACC-M12FR-4PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424657
Connector - SACC-M12MS-4PL M
Phoenix Contact 1424658
Connector - SACC-M12MS-5PL SH
Phoenix Contact 1424659
Connector - SACC-M12MR-5PL SH

FDX20 Fusion Splice Boxes and Fiber Patch Cords

High-speed, future-proof data transmission

Compact DIN-Rail mounting
Up to 12 duplex LC connections for more space in control cabinets
Reduce installation time with pre-assembled design for fusion splicing
Operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C
OM4 fiber supports 10GBase-SX up to 550m run length
OM4 fiber supports 1000Base-SX to 1040m, 1000Base-LX to 600m
Phoenix Contact 1019712
Phoenix Contact 1019708
Phoenix Contact 1115625
FO patch cable - FOC-LC:PA-LC:PA-OM4:D01/1

Power Supplies


Dynamic boost up to 150% for 5s
Supply and protection in one device due to the integrated multichannel device protection with IO-LINK
Group message contact and multicolor LED
Easy installation with Push-In connection and minimum installed depth of just 125 mm
Wide temperature range: -25°C ... +70°C, startup type tested: -40°C
Class 1 Div 2 approval
Phoenix Contact 1159037
TRIO3-PS/1AC/24DC/5 - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1159038
TRIO3-PS/1AC/24DC/10 Primary-switched power supply unit, TRIO POWER, Push-in connection, DIN rail mounting, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC / 10 A
Phoenix Contact 1159039
TRIO3-PS/1AC/24DC/20 - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1159042
TRIO3-PS/3AC/24DC/10 - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1159044
TRIO3-PS/3AC/24DC/20 - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1159045
TRIO3-PS/3AC/24DC/40 - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1252696
TRIO3-PS/1AC/24DC/10/4C/IOL - Power supply unit
Phoenix Contact 1252697
TRIO3-PS/1AC/24DC/20/8C/IOL - Power supply unit

Cable ducts and Cable duct cutter

Mounting materials for control cabinets

Cover snaps on easily
Cover included
Single part number for cable duct and cover
2m length, matches Phoenix Contact 2m DIN rail product
Two score lines for easy removal of fingers and wall, no sharp edges
Phoenix Contact 3240188
Cable duct - CD 25X40
Phoenix Contact 3240191
Cable duct - CD 25X60
Phoenix Contact 3240197
Cable duct - CD 25X80
Phoenix Contact 3240283
Cable duct - CD 30X100
Phoenix Contact 3240189
Cable duct - CD 40X40
Phoenix Contact 3240192
Cable duct - CD 40X60
Phoenix Contact 3240198
Cable duct - CD 40X80
Phoenix Contact 3240294
Cable duct - CD 40X100
Phoenix Contact 3240199
Cable duct - CD 60X80
Phoenix Contact 3240263
Cable duct - CD 60X100
Phoenix Contact 1207569
Cutting tool - PPS CD M
Phoenix Contact 1212474
Cutting tool - CUTFOX-CD

DIN rail with DIN rail cutter

The DIN rail portfolio includes various DIN rail standard dimensions such as the NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, and NS 15 versions. It also includes galvanized and uncoated DIN rails. Perforated and unperforated DIN rails are also available. In addition to these DIN rails, the portfolio also includes G-type DIN rails.

Phoenix Contact 0801733
DIN rail perforated - NS 35/ 7,5 PERF 2000MM
Phoenix Contact 1207585
Cutting tool - PPS BASIC I/M
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