2023 Spring Specials

Quarterly Special valid from April 1st - June 30th, 2023

Tool-free Conductors

XTV — Lateral Push-X

Tool-free conductor connection reinvented: Push-X allows direct wiring of rigid and flexible conductors with or without ferrule with the pre-tensioned contact spring. Insert the conductor up to the end of the clamping chamber without effort. As soon as the conductor pushes down the contact spring’s locking mechanism in the end position, the slider is released & the contact spring snaps automatically. The conductor is clamped directly during this process. Like with the well-known Push-in technology, the conductor is released via the orange push button. At the same time, the contact spring is preloaded for the next wiring process

Fast and most flexible connection technologies
Toolless wiring of rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules
No conductor pretreatment necessary
Phoenix Contact tool-free conductors

Monitoring Relays

EMD-BL Series

The compact EMD-BL monitoring relays are ideal for simple monitoring tasks, especially in building installation and series production. Check electrical loads for functionality or wire breaks with undercurrent monitoring and avoid overload situations or blockages with overcurrent monitoring Protect machinery and equipment from the damaging effects of overvoltage and undervoltage
Space saving with the compact installation housing
Easy handling with rotary switches on the housing front for parameter setting
Clear diagnostics with status LED
Ideal for series production thanks to a price-optimized solution for numerous monitoring functions
Phoenix Contact monitoring relays
Phoenix Contact 2903524

Monitoring relay - EMD-BL-V-230-PT

Phoenix Contact 2903522

Monitoring relay - EMD-BL-C-10-PT

Control Cabinet Surge Protection


Surge protection, consisting of protective plug and base element, with integrated status indicator and remote signalling for single-phase power supply networks

Phoenix Contact control cabinet surge protection
Phoenix Contact 2907916
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-24-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907917
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-60-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907918
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-120-FM-UT
Phoenix Contact 2907919
Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-230-FM-UT

Emergency Stop Switches

All-in-one and modular emergency stop system

Our TÜV-certified emergency stop switches allow you to switch your machines or system over to a safe state immediately in the event of an emergency. Our control devices with emergency stop or emergency switching off function are suitable for applications in accordance with EN ISO 13850 and EN 60204-1. Choose from our ready-to-use solutions for your standard application or configure your own emergency stop solution tailored to your requirements.

Phoenix Contact emergency stop switches
Phoenix Contact 1221735
Emergency stop switch - PSR-ESS-M2-H110-2000-A
Phoenix Contact 1221737
Emergency stop switch - PSR-ESS-M0-H210-2000-A
Phoenix Contact 1221740
Phoenix Contact 1221739
Phoenix Contact 1221758
Phoenix Contact 1221757
Phoenix Contact 1221753
Phoenix Contact 1221747
Phoenix Contact 1221745
Phoenix Contact 1221749
Phoenix Contact 1221752
Phoenix Contact 1221748
Phoenix Contact 1221751

EVO Connector Set


Heavy-duty connector set consisting of sleeve housing, panel mounting base, push-in contact insert and cable gland.

Easy handling and right connection for every application
Push-in Contact for fast connection
IP degree of protection (when plugged in): IP66
Download the Heavycon brochure
Phoenix Contact EVO Connector Set
Phoenix Contact 1407710
Connector set - HC-EVO-B06PT-BWSC-HL-M20-PLRBK
Phoenix Contact 1408791
Connector set - HC-EVO-B10PT-BWSC-HL-M25-PLRBK
Phoenix Contact 1408793
Connector set - HC-EVO-B16PT-BWSC-HH-M25-PLRBK
Phoenix Contact 1408794
Connector set - HC-EVO-B24PT-BWSC-HH-M32-PLRBK

Toolfox Tools

Tool deals you wouldn't want to miss!

Phoenix Contact 1212128
Cable-cutting tool - CUTFOX 12
Phoenix Contact 1212129
Cable-cutting tool - CUTFOX 18
Phoenix Contact 1213154
Crimping pliers - CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 10S
Phoenix Contact 1213156
Crimping pliers - CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 10H
Phoenix Contact 1212161
Stripping tool - WIREFOX-D 40
Phoenix Contact 1212160
Stripping tool - WIREFOX-D 11
Phoenix Contact 1212368
Stripping tool - WIREFOX 2,5

Loose Ferrules

Phoenix Contact 3202960
Range box - AI SORTI BOX RD
Phoenix Contact 3202986
Phoenix Contact 3200522
Ferrule - AI 2,5 - 8 BU
Phoenix Contact 3200043
Ferrule - AI 1,5 - 8 BK
Phoenix Contact 3200030
Ferrule - AI 1 - 8 RD
Phoenix Contact 3200519
Ferrule - AI 0,75- 8 GY
Phoenix Contact 3200014
Ferrule - AI 0,5 - 8 WH
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