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As an authorized distributor of Nidec Shimpo, Proax offers a wide range of high-precision gearboxes and rotary index tables designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Our products are renowned for their reliability, performance, and advanced engineering. Explore our extensive catalog to find the perfect Nidec Shimpo solution for your automation requirements.

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Nidec Shimpo Inline Gearboxes

Nidec Shimpo inline gearboxes offer exceptional performance and precision. With various frame sizes and ratios, these gearboxes are perfect for applications requiring high efficiency and accuracy. Key features include:

✅Low backlash (as low as 3 arc-min)

✅High torque density

✅Robust construction for durability

✅Compatibility with leading servo motor brands

Nidec Right Angle Gearboxes

Our right angle gearboxes are engineered to deliver high torque in a compact design. These gearboxes are ideal for applications where space is limited, and reliable power transmission is crucial. Features include:

✅Wide range of ratios (up to 80:1)

✅Low backlash options

✅High efficiency

✅Easy integration with existing systems

Rotary Index Tables

Nidec Shimpo rotary index tables are designed for precision and reliability in automated systems. They provide accurate and repeatable positioning, making them suitable for various industrial processes. Key benefits include:

✅High load capacity

✅Smooth and precise indexing

✅Easy setup and maintenance

✅Versatile mounting options

Value Added Nidec Shimpo Distributor

At Proax, we provide more than just products. Our team of experts offers unparalleled support to help you select, integrate, and maintain your Nidec Shimpo gearboxes and rotary index tables. We are committed to ensuring your automation systems operate at peak performance.

✅Over 12 locations across Canada

✅More than 60 years of industry experience

✅Comprehensive technical support and after-sales service

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