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High-quality, innovative sensor technology products are synonymous with Captron, also known as Captron Electronic GmbH, since 1983. We are a German company with locations in China, North America, and Poland, as well as sales partners in over 20 countries worldwide.

With a focus on expanding digital competencies and linking software with hardware, we develop an extensive range of capacitive and optical sensors as well as complete sensor systems.

A collection of Captron products including push buttons, capacitive sensors, safety devices, and switches.
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CANEO Series10

Sensor button CANEO Series10 is an adaptable and multifunctional capacitive touch sensor suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers customizable settings, is compliant with industry certifications, and features an innovative design that facilitates intuitive interactions.

✅IO -Link capable
✅360° visibility
✅Customizable colors and symbols
✅Adaptable touch sensitivity

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CANEO Series4X

The CANEO Series4X is an advanced capacitive sensor that offers a large touch surface for user-friendly operation and a customizable LED ring, providing personalized lighting options and enhanced functionality.

✅ All-in-one switch: status, signal, and 7-segment display
✅Flexible use with or without IO-Link
✅Capacitive sensor technology
✅Can be integrated into any system architecture
✅Robust durability

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SC 30 & SC4 Series

Two-Hand Control SafeCap

The Two-Hand Control SafeCap sensors prioritize workplace safety, engineered to prevent accidental machine start-ups. These capacitive sensors provide enhanced safety and are built for daily, intensive use.

✅ Enhanced safety and injury protection
✅ Capacitive sensors compatible with disposable and heavy-duty work gloves
✅ Designed for daily, fatigue-free, continuous use
✅ Maintenance-free SENSOR switches

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TCP Optical Sensors

The TCP Optical Sensors offer precise alignment and robust design, ideal for industrial environments. These sensors ensure accurate tool-center-point measurements and automatic recalibration.

✅ Detect metallic and non-metallic objects from a size of 0.05mm
✅ Wide range of design and sizes
✅ Precise alignment
✅ Robust and durable metal housing (IP65)
✅ Easy assembly

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ORCA Level Sensor

The ORCA Level Sensor delivers accurate measurements in tight spaces. This versatile sensor is perfect for detecting levels of various materials and offers flexible installation along with quick response times.

✅ Ideal for precise measurements of thin to viscous adhesives, resins, and oils
✅ Flexible use with or without IO-Link
✅ PTFE probe rod for durability and resistance
✅ Fast and easy installation

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At Proax, we proudly offer Captron products across Canada, focusing on timely delivery to enhance your experience. Our commitment extends beyond simply supplying products; we're dedicated to creating tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Our team of skilled engineers excels at developing specialized projects using top-quality Captron products, transforming your innovative ideas into tangible results.

Trust Proax to deliver the perfect blend of expertise, service, and Captron's cutting-edge technology for your next project.

You can find Captron products in our warehouses conveniently located in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Windsor, London, Cambridge, Barrie, Mississauga, Laval, Granby, Quebec City, St. John's, Dartmouth, and soon in the United States.

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