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|Oct 30, 2023|4 MIN READ

SMC 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valves

SMC 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valves

In the domain of industrial automation, solenoid valves stand as silent workhorses, ensuring fluid control with precision and reliability. Among the myriad of solenoid valves in the market, SMC's 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valves have carved a niche for themselves, embodying a blend of innovation, efficiency, and robust performance.

Solenoid Valve Applications

Solenoid valves are essential in many industrial settings for their reliable and rapid switching capabilities, handling simple on/off to complex variable flow control tasks. The distinct features of SMC’s 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valve series further bolster their performance, ensuring high-speed responses and long service life, making them ideal for optimizing manufacturing efficiency and precise control in processes like chemical processing.

Diving into SMC 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valve Series

SMC’s 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valve series is a broad spectrum of engineering finesse tailored to meet diverse industrial demands. Let's delve into some of the notable series:

  • SY - New Series: The SY series, notably the SY3000 and SY5000, boast increased flow rates by up to 80% while retaining the same valve width as their predecessors. These valves come with a built-in strainer in the pilot valve to thwart issues caused by foreign matter.
SMC-SY - Solenoid Valve Series
  • JSY: Targeted for robotic arms and end of arm tools, the JSY series offers compactness without compromising on flow characteristics. Its plug-in and non plug-in types alongside three valve body sizes make it a versatile choice for various applications.
 SMC-JSY- Solenoid Valve Series
  • SV: The SV series is all about flexibility. With a multi-connector replacing conventional lead wires for internal manifold wiring, modifying manifold stations has never been easier.
 SMC-SV- Solenoid Valve Series
  • VQC 1000/2000 & VQC 4000/5000: These series bring in a realm of ease to wiring and maintenance work with their standard wiring packages. The VQ valves, ideal for high-speed, frequent operation, come with innovative mounting methods to simplify valve changes.
SMC-VQC 1000/2000 & VQC 4000/5000- Solenoid Valve Series
  • SYJ: The SYJ Valve is a blend of space efficiency and performance excellence. Its low power pilot solenoid design reduces thermal heat generation, thus lowering operating costs.
SMC-SYJ- Solenoid Valve Series
  • VFR: The VFR series with its 5 port pilot solenoid valves offers various port sizes and thread types, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.
SMC-VFR- Solenoid Valve Series
  • SQ - New: Designed for high-speed, high-frequency applications, the SQ series makes modifying the number of stations on a DIN rail simple with its cassette style valves and manifolds.
SMC-SQ - New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • SZ: The SZ series emphasizes high reliability and long life with up to 50 million cycles, offering a changeable connector entry direction from top to side.
SMC-SZ - New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • VF: The VF series, a five port pilot solenoid valve, provides large flow capacity in a compact size, available in many variations including three types of manual override and four types of electrical entry.
SMC-VF- New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • S0700: The S0700 series with a compact design is ideal for driving cylinders up to 32 diameter or acting as a pilot for other valves, available as base mounted or body ported.
SMC-S0700 - New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • VQZ: The VQZ series combines convenience with durability and performance in both base mount and body ported solenoid valve designs.
SMC-VQZ- New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • SJ: The SJ series is a compact and low profile cassette based 4 port solenoid valve and manifold, available in three different widths and can be mounted together on the same manifold.
SMC-SJ- New- Solenoid Valve Series
  • VFN: The VFN series, a hygienic solenoid valve with standard NAMUR interface, offers excellent high temperature and chemical/corrosion resistance, ideal for wash down applications with its energy-efficient design.
SMC-VFN- New- Solenoid Valve Series

At Proax, we're not just distributors; we stand as one of SMC's largest distributors in North America, and your partners in navigating the pneumatic landscape. Our in-house team of engineers is here to assist you in selecting the right solenoid valves and customizing them to meet your specific needs.

Reach out to us, explore the specifications with our experts, and take a substantial step towards a more optimized, reliable, and efficient pneumatic control in your operations.

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