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|||Dec 17, 2019|2 MIN READ

Proax Launches its own Robotic Configurator

Proax's Robotic Configurator

There seems to be a endless variety of robots in the marketplace as the excitement and need for industrial robots in the manufacturing industry increases. The range of robotic options can cause some confusion for people simply looking to gather product information to solve a persistent problem. A robotic configurator is a great asset to users looking to take the first step in materializing the industrial solution they are looking for.

What is a robotic configurator?

A robot configurator is a tool that allows a user to “Build a Robot Kit”. Using the configurator, users can select the robot they need, and begin to choose from various guarding and end of arm tooling options. The end goal for the user is to have an idea of the full solution Proax can provide. For us at Proax, it allows our technical experts to address your needs with more clarity resulting in a faster turnaround time. When customers are using the configurator they can think of it as a way to build a robot kit that includes all of the industry required parts.

Why did Proax create the robotic configurator?

The robot configurator was created with the intention of providing our customers with a better background look at how our solutions are created. Customers are continually looking for access to more information and providing one space where our customers could view our robotic offering, end of arm tooling and guarding options was important to Proax. The creation of the robotic configurator was created based on the premises of information sharing, collaboration, and ease of information access and consultation.

The robotic configurator was part of a larger plan to improve our mechanical offering at Proax. We were looking for a way to provide our customers and people who are simply curious about robot applications a place to build, visualize and learn about robotic solutions without contacting an industry professional.

However, this does not mean our expertise will no longer be available. Along with our new robotic configurator, Proax has invested in its mechanical team so that we can continue to work alongside our customers to provide our own input based off of our industry experience.

Why didn’t Proax Technologies create the configurator earlier?

Our configurator was created as an addition to our new mechanical offering and team. It took time for our team to find the vendors we wanted to work with to improve our mechanical offering. Once we were able to pinpoint the superior lines we could partner with like: T-SLOTS, Soft Robotics, Robotiq, Schunk, Macron Dynamics, Omni and Direct Conveyors we were able to put together a configurator that could build a complete solution.

Its never been easier to access information regarding industrial robots and the accessories that come along with purchasing one. Now, anyone with interest in a robotic application can begin to build a solution online via Proax’s robot configurator. Paired with our continued support and near 24/7 access to expert advice, Proax is ready to bring you the solution you are looking for!

Try out our robot configurator here!

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