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Valve Manifolds

Custom In House Assembly

SMC D-Sub Manifolds

SMC D sub manifolds are available with a variety of options including body ported, base mounted, cassette base type, and tie-rod base type. These options allow for flexible installation and easy customization to meet your unique needs. They also feature energy-saving, low power consumption coils, high flow rates (Cv, SCFM), and quick response times for premium reliability and longevity.

SY Push-in Manifolds

The redesigned SY series valve from SMC has enhanced product performance and reliability. Despite having the same valve width as their predecessors, the SY3000 has increased flow by up to 80%, which has allowed for a reduction in valve size.
Fluid: air
Low power consumption(0.35 w standard)
Improved safety with slide locking manual override
Quick response time
SY3000 Series
SY5000 Series
SY7000 Series
Push-in 8mm & 1/4"
Push-in 8mm & 5/16"
Push-in 8mm & 3/8"
Drive cylinders up to ø50 at 300 mm/s
Drive cylinders up to ø63 at 300 mm/s
Drive cylinders up to ø80 at 300 mm/s
Flow rate up to 0.44 Cv
Flow rate up to 1.0 Cv
Flow rate up to 1.7 Cv
Quick response time - 10 ms
Quick response time - 10 ms
Quick response time - 10 ms
3-12 Station
3-12 Station
3-12 Station

VQC Push-in Manifolds

SMC VQC 2000 and 4000 series manifolds offer five standard wiring packages, making wiring and maintenance work easier. Three of these packages also conform to IP67 standards, protecting from dust and moisture. The use of multi-pin connectors provides flexibility for adding stations or changing manifold configurations. The VQC series is known for its exceptional response times and durability.
5 port solenoid valve
Base mounted
Metal or rubber seal
Fluid: air, inert gas
VQC2000 Series
VQC4000 Push in
VQC4000 Pipe threaded
Cv: 0.80
Maximum CV: 2.0
Maximum CV: 2.0
Compact and high flow
Power consumption: 0.4 W
Power consumption: 0.4 W
Outstanding response time and long life
Long service life: 100 million cycles
Long service life: 100 million cycles
Changeable connector entry
Enclosure IP67 compliant
Enclosure IP67 compliant
3-12 Station
3-12 Station
3-12 Station

SV2000 Push-in Manifolds

The SMC SV2000 manifolds use a multi-connector instead of traditional lead wires for internal wiring. This simplifies changes to manifold stations and provides flexibility when adding or changing manifold configurations. Cassette base and tie-rod base types are available, with up to 16 stations possible with double solenoids using 34 pin connectors.
Options : 1/4" & 6mm and 5/16" & 8mm
Operating pressure range: -100kPa to 0.7MPa
Response time ms (at 0.5MPa): 33 or less
Ambient & fluid temperature: -10 to 50° C
Enclosure: IP67 (based on IEC529)
Fluid air

Can't find the part number you need? Let Our Custom Assembly Team Build It

If the exact part number you need is not here, we also offer in house custom assembly services to build it out for you. Our skilled team of technicians will work diligently to build the exact part you need, tailored to your specifications. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about, don't hesitate to reach out to us.