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By Omron

24 V Direct Current (DC) Supply Voltage Central Processing Unit (CPU)
OmronOfficial Distributor

CP1H Programmable Logic Controllers

Micro PLC for 4 Axis Position Control and high speed control in a compact package.

Designed for compact machines, the CP1H is the advanced high-speed all-in-one compact PLC. Four high-speed counters and four pulse outputs are ideal for multi-axis positioning control.

The CP1H-XA comes with four analogue inputs and two analogue outputs built-in. This makes it suitable for simple loop control, using the PLC's advanced PID control function with auto-tuning. The CP1H can be expanded with different I/O and supports up to two CJ1W special I/O units. This means that it is open to popular fieldbuses and supports most communication units of the CJ series.

Technical Specifications

TypeCentral Processing Unit (CPU)
Mounting TypeDIN Rail
Display type7 Segment Display
Display Digits2
Output TypeTransistor
Input TypeDirect Current (DC) Voltage
Spare PartsCJ1W-BAT01, CP1W-ME05M, CP1W-CN811, USBAB6BLK, CP1W-SWB06
Analog Output Type2 Digital to Analog (D/A)
Analog Inputs4 Analog to Digital (A/D)
Transistor Output16

Expansion Input/Output (I/O)7
Built-In Input/Output (I/O)40
Built-In Analog Input/Output (I/O)Yes
Total Input/Output (I/O) Capacity320
Number of Option Modules2
CommunicationsUniversal Serial Bus (USB), 2 Option Ports
Real-Time Clock and CalendarYes
Battery BackupYes
ManualW450, W451, W446, W447, W463, W464, W342
Direct Current (DC) Supply Voltage24 V

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