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Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are connectors that securely join electrical wires. Proax, offering a variety of connections like push-in, screw, bolt, spring-cage and more. Explore specialized options for robust demands and streamlined power management with distributor and power distribution blocks. Our products are engineered for reliability and meet international standards, including ATEX certifications for explosive environments.

Terminal Blocks FAQs

Terminal blocks are used to securely connect wires within electrical systems. They provide a convenient way to organize wire connections, making it easy to install, inspect, modify, and troubleshoot electrical circuits.

In a PLC system, terminal blocks facilitate the connection of sensor inputs and actuator outputs to the PLC. This way signals are accurately transmitted to and from the control system. Terminal blocks help maintain the integrity and clarity of connections, simplifying maintenance and modifications in PLC-based systems.

Yes, we do ship to the U.S.

Here are key considerations for selecting the right terminal block: Conductor Size and Type: Match the terminal block to the conductor size and type. Electrical Specifications: Ensure the block meets the circuit’s current and voltage requirements. Environmental Conditions: Choose blocks suited for your environmental conditions. Connection Type: Select from screw, push-in, spring-cage, or bolt connections based on your needs. Special Requirements: Consider any specific standards or certifications required (e.g., ATEX).

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