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Find efficient solutions and a rise in productivity with pneumatic solutions offered by Proax Technologies. Proax provides the largest selection of Pneumatic equipment to support Pneumatic systems. Proax features high-quality pneumatic tools from top of the line manufacturers such as SMC.

Pneumatics have many applications, and our capable team of technical experts is ready to provide solutions for your factory floor. See for yourself as you search our catalogue of 1.5 million SKUs to find your pneumatics solution. Our pneumatics catalogue features actuators, air preparation equipment, directional control valves, sensors and switches, connectors and airline equipment.

Customized End-to-End Pneumatics Systems

Pneumatics have applications for everything from cleaning your keyboard, to powering graspers on assembly floors that hold semiconductors. If you’re looking for a speedy and lightweight application, but are wondering if you should use pneumatics vs hydraulics, Proax is standing by to help you with a proof of concept.

Our skilled team of experts is ready to help you maximize efficiencies in your factory, whatever your needs may be, because Proax sets itself apart from the competition with our technical solutions teams. Our team can help you to size, design and prepare pneumatic circuits for various applications, such as Food, Pharma, Automobile, End of Arm tooling for Robotics, Packaging and more.

Some of our bigger end-to-end  pneumatics solutions are found in:

  • Automobile - Find applications for pneumatics in manifold assembly, dismantling vehicle tires, pneumatic tires with compressed air, vehicle exterior painting, opening and closing doors and air brakes for heavy vehicles.
  • Transporting Goods - One of the oldest applications for pneumatics is transporting goods from one end of a building or warehouse to another. From just the push of a button, a cylinder with your item can be sent from shelf to moving belt. 
  • Industrial Applications - Pneumatics have several industrial applications for factories that need help with handling material such as semiconductors, sawing and drilling, filling and packaging, clamping and shifting.

If you already know what pneumatic tools you require for your application, give us a call or check the Proax catalogue for pressure boosters, stainless actuators, low profile cylinders, air fittings, check valves, DOT compliant fittings, inline filters, stainless fittings, flow controls, instrumentation, F.R.L., air timers, tubing, silencers, digital gauges, air clamps, orifice restrictors and more.

The Proax Technologies Difference

Proax Technologies has provided innovative solutions, technical expertise and quality products to our customers for over 58 years. In our quest to fulfill any need that requires pneumatics, our catalogue offers a selection of the highest quality products. Search from pneumatics tool inventory for actuators, air preparation, airline equipment, control valves, sensors, switches, connectors and more.

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