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|Oct 27, 2023|4 MIN READ

Omron PLCs: A Deep Dive into Automation Excellence

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are essential components in the automation industry. They play a pivotal role in controlling machinery and processes in numerous industries. One of the leading names in the PLC domain is Omron, which offers a plethora of series tailored for various applications. Let's delve into some of the popular Omron PLC series.

Exploring Omron's PLC Series

Omron is a leading name in automation technology, known for its reliable and versatile PLCs. Catering to various industries, from manufacturing to complex machine control, Omron PLCs stand out with their innovative features, user-friendly design, and adaptability. Their range showcases a commitment to excellence and tailored solutions for diverse applications.

Compact PLC Series

Compact PLCs are ideal for straightforward tasks with a restricted number of I/Os (Input/Outputs). They provide a cost-effective solution and are commonly utilized in standalone operations.

1. CP1L Series

For those seeking the perfect blend of a micro-PLC's compactness with a modular PLC's capabilities, Omron CP1L series is the answer. Designed specifically for compact machines, this series offers a comprehensive set of features for machine control, including unmatched positioning capabilities. A standout feature is the embedded Ethernet port in some CP1L models, ensuring seamless connectivity for various operations, from monitoring to remote access. Its compatibility with other series like CP1H, CJ1, and CS1 makes it a versatile choice for diverse applications.

2. CP1H Series

Tailored for compact machines, Omron CP1H PLC series epitomizes high-speed performance in a compact package. It's an all-in-one solution, equipped with four high-speed counters and pulse outputs, making it ideal for multi-axis positioning control. The CP1H-XA variant further enhances its utility with built-in analogue inputs and outputs, perfectly suited for loop control tasks using its advanced PID control function. Its expandability features, coupled with compatibility with popular fieldbuses, make it a top choice for intricate automation tasks.

CP1H Series: Precision and High-speed in One

3. CP1E Series

Omron CP1E series is designed for straightforward applications but doesn't compromise on features. It's the go-to micro PLC for tasks requiring efficient positioning. Its "Easy Input Editor" ensures swift programming, streamlining the creation of organized application programs. While the CP1E-E variant is economical, the CP1E-N version comes with added perks like a real-time clock, motion control features, and a serial port for connecting various devices. The series’ compatibility with others like CP1L, CP1H, CJ, and CS makes it a versatile addition to Omron's PLC lineup.

Omron CP1E series

4.CP2E Series

Building on the legacy of the CP1 series, the CP2E is tailored for small to medium machines. It amplifies the features of compact controllers by introducing function block capabilities and extended environmental ratings. With connectivity at its core, the CP2E offers up to 2 Ethernet ports, RS232/485, and USB. Expansion options include up to 2 option boards for analog and other functionalities, and the capacity to add up to 3 expansion modules, accommodating up to 180 individual I/O points.

Part Number Description
CP2E-N14DR-A CP2E CPU, 1 Ethernet port, 8 TTL Inputs 6 Relay Outputs ,1 Option port, AC Power
CP2E-N30DR-A CP2,2Enet18In12Relay2opt,AC
CP2E-N30DR-D CP2E-N-type/Network model 18 Input, 12 Output
CP2E-N20DT-A CP2,1Enet12In8OutSnk,1opt,AC
CP2E-N20DT-D CP2,1Enet12In8Relay,1opt,DC
CP2E-N30DT-A CP2,2Enet18In12OutSnk2opt,AC

Rack based PLCs: Omron's Scalable Solutions

Rack-mounted (High-performance PLCs) are employed in extensive industrial settings. They feature a chassis (rack) that accommodates various modules. With the capability to manage a significant number of I/Os, they offer a high degree of customization.

1.CS1 Series

The CS1 stands as Omron's premier PLC family, boasting a capacity of up to 5120 'local' digital I/Os. With the capability to connect up to 7 expansion racks to a single CPU rack, it can integrate a maximum of 80 I/O units. The series offers a blend of IEC 61131-3 Structured Text and ladder language programming, ensuring flexibility for diverse applications.

Key Highlights:

  • High-speed CPUs with extensive program capacity.
  • Broad communication options, including standardized open network interfaces and proprietary network links.
  • Comprehensive support for major field networks such as DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP.
  • Advanced motion control capabilities, ranging from simple position measurements to multi-axis synchronized motion control.
  • The dual-redundant CS1D system for critical applications, ensuring zero downtime with features like hot-swapping of CPUs and I/O units.


Omron's PLC series showcases their dedication to top-quality automation solutions. Each series has special features, ensuring there's an Omron PLC for every need. Whether you want something compact, fast, or with lots of input/output options, Omron has something for you. And with Proax being Omron's authorized distributor, you can easily and confidently find the right Omron PLC for your project. Contact us today.

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