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Become a Reseller of SMC Air Dryers

Proax Technologies is so much more than just a distributor. We offer a comprehensive program and help our reseller partners to lower their costs and create greater efficiencies, through a variety of professional services including sales, technical support education/training plus much more. Don't wait to get your special pricing for SMC IDFB Air Dryers.

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Zero Air Loss Float Type Auto-Drain

SMC uses a zero air loss float type auto-drain that follows the changes of water production as these changes occur.

NO PLC needed

SMC simply uses a contactor (20 million life cycles) to start and stop the compressor, controlled with an on/off mechanical switch.

Capillary Expansion Tube

The refrigerant control is via capillary expansion tube adjusting the hot-gas by-pass over flow through the pressure of heat expansion and contraction.

Why choose SMC Refrigerated Air Dryers?

IDFB series refrigerated air dryers are ideal for use in aftercooled systems with compressors up to 100 hp. These durable units have simple control systems, making them easily serviced and providing you the highest level of efficiency.

  • Comply with all North American safety standards (UL certified)
  • Increased air flow capacity up to 41%
  • Max. Inlet air temperature : 65°C
  • Max. ambient temperature: 45°C
  • Connections: NPT threads are standard; R/Rc adapters are available
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Why Proax for SMC Air Dryers?

As one of SMC's Elite Distributors in Canada, Proax Technologies offers an in-house SMC technical solution team dedicated to providing you the best experience possible.

For SMC products, Proax ranks #1 in sales in Canada and is one of the top 5 Elite distributors across North America.

We know it is frustrating for everyone when they can't find what they need. Proax is always next to you by having local inventory.

  • 24/7 online access to our inventory
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Access to a team of quick-response, highly skilled and trained technical support
  • A wide range of financial solutions and shipping options


ModelSCFMVoltageComp. HPPort ConnectionPre-filterBy-pass pipe kit
IDFB3E-11N10 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)3 hp 3/8" NPTAFF4C-N03C-TIDF-BP302
IDFB4E-11N15 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)5 hp1/2" NPTAFF8C-N04C-TIDF-BP303
IDFB6E-11N25 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)7.5 hp 3/4" NPTAFF11C-N06D-TIDF-BP304
IDFB8E-11N41 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)10 hp3/4" NPTAFF11C-N06D-TIDF-BP304
IDFB11E-11N59 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)15 hp3/4" NPTAFF11C-N06D-TIDF-BP304
IDFB15E-11N71 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)20 hp1" NPTAFF22C-N10D-TIDF-BP316
IDFB60-11N113 SCFM11 (Single-phase, 115VAC, 60Hz)30 hpN (NPT)AFF22C-N10D-TIDF-BP317
IDFB70-23N166 SCFM23 (Single-phase 230 VAC, 60Hz)50 hp1½" NPTAFF37B-N14D-TIDF-BP318
IDFB55E-30N-X224226 SCFM230V/3PH60 hp1" NPTAFF75B-N20D-TIDF-BP325
IDFB55E-46N226 SCFM460V/3PH60 hp2" NPTAFF75B-N20D-TIDF-BP325
IDFB75E-30N-X224300 SCFM230V/3PH75 hp2" NPTAFF75B-N20D-TIDF-BP325
IDFB75E-46N300 SCFM46 (Three-phase, 460VAC, 60Hz)75 hp2" NPTAFF75B-N20D-TIDF-BP325

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