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Relays are electrically operated switches used to control circuits with a low-power signal. Explore our range of relays, designed for versatile applications with options for DPDT and SPDT configurations. Suitable for various load currents and voltages, our relays operate reliably in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. Ideal for both AC and DC loads, they provide robust performance and flexibility for your control and automation needs. Find the perfect relay with our comprehensive selection.

Relays FAQ

Relays control electrical circuits by opening and closing contacts in another circuit. They are essential in applications like automation systems, control panels, and industrial machinery.

We offer various types of relays including programmable relays, safety relays, solid state relays, and electromechanical relays. Each type is designed for specific applications and performance requirements.

Consider factors such as load current, voltage, type of load (AC or DC), switching frequency, and environmental conditions. Our product filters can help you find relays with the right specifications for your application.

General-purpose relays use electromagnetic coils to open or close contacts, while solid-state relays use electronic components for switching, offering faster response times and longer lifespans without mechanical wear.