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An industrial connector is a device that enables contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components to create an electrical circuit. Essential in various industrial applications, industrial connectors ensure reliable transmission of data, power, and signals. Explore our extensive range tailored for industrial and semi-industrial use, featuring DC and AC solutions, copper and FO cable connectors, and modular systems for signals, data, and power, providing robust protection from IP20 to IP69K and hybrid connectors.

Industrial Connector FAQs

An industrial connector is a rugged electrical component designed to connect wires in industrial settings, capable of withstanding extreme conditions like high temperatures and mechanical stress.

  • Data Connectors - Transmit digital or analog data (e.g., USB, Ethernet).
  • Power Connectors - Supply electrical power (e.g., IEC connectors, AC plugs).
  • Signal Connectors - Carry signal transmissions, primarily in telecommunications (e.g., coaxial cables).

Yes we do!

Yes, our industrial connector stock levels are accurately maintained and up-to-date.

  • Assess Electrical Needs: Match the connector to the voltage and current requirements of your system.
  • Consider the Environment: Choose a connector that can withstand the specific environmental conditions such as moisture, temperature, and chemicals.
  • Determine Mechanical Requirements: Look at factors like vibration, size constraints, and the need for a locking mechanism.
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the connector is compatible with the cables and equipment you’re using.
  • Review Safety and Standards: Select connectors that meet relevant safety standards and certifications for your industry.

If you need assistance to choose right industrial connector, please contact us. Our in house technical team will happy to help you out.