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Robotunits is the manufacturer of a Modular Automation System. Aluminum extrusions are the core of Robotunits technology; available in 12 models in size 40 mm and 50 mm that are all compatible with each other. Their unique design allows for a system with infinite possibilities meeting the highest quality standards.

The assembly process of Robotunits products allows you to save time and money while providing stability and rigidity. The entire assembly of your structure will require no drilling and therefore allows you to reuse or remodel. Proax Technologies provides custom design solutions for your project and ensure the safety of your application.

Robotunits aluminium fencing machine safety

Aluminum Fencing

Robotunits safety fence system is a perfect match for today’s work environment. The demand for adaptable, customization solutions has never been so high because the work place is constantly changing. Robotunits has developed a modular system that protects people and machines. Combinations are endless and will allow for time saving assembly and easy repurposing if needed. The Robotunits aluminum extrusions can also be used to build any custom constructions such as workstations, carts, shelves and more. If you can think about it, we have the team to design and built your project.

Robotunits accessories


Accessories are an important part of every structure. Robotunits believes in offering less parts, but in creating parts that are smart and multi functional, it multiply the sum of all possible solutions. Therefore, all components and accessories adapt to all extrusions. They can be re-used while installation and assembly are easy.  Accessories include a selection of base plates, screws, door components, wheels and more.

Robotunits conveyors


Designed to be seamlessly integrated with Robotunits modular automation system, its range of conveyors is flexible and intelligent. Conveyors can be customized to met the special requirements of any application. You can choose between three types of conveyor: the Just-In-Time Conveyor System, the Modular Timing Belt Conveyor and the Modular Belt Conveyor.

Robotunits design assembly

Design & Assembly

Proax Technologies offers design and assembly services for the Robotunits solutions. Our team can design your Robotunits structure according to your needs and requirements. We also offer the assembly service, where we assemble all components of your structure to be ready for installation in your plant.


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