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Omron Canada

Since more than 80 years, OMRON is a global partner in the field of automation systems. OMRON has everything you need for complete machine automation: sensing, control systems, visualization, drives, robotics, safety, quality inspection, control and switching components.

For a simple to the most advanced applications, OMRON holds a seamless technology portfolio delivering the utmost performance and solid expertise. Recently, OMRON acquired Adept Technologies and now offers a full range of industrial robots solution ranging from SCARA, 6 axis, parallel and mobile robots.

Omron automation systems
Omron sensing products
Omron safety products
Omron control components
Omron Adept industrial robots Hornet Quattro parallel Lynx mobile Cobra scara Vipe 6 axis

Adept Industrial Robots

Proax Technologies now offers SCARA, Parallel, Articulated and Mobile robot solutions, as part of the new Omron Adept Industrial Robot automation solution. Omron Adept brings 30 years of experience, as an industry leader in the development of innovative and powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation. As your national Omron distributor, FIND OUT how Proax Technologies can help you simplify the implementation of robots in a production environment. 

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