Increase productivity and efficiency in your factory with a servo motor from Proax to your motion control systems. Proax Technologies hosts a wide range of AC and DC servo motors for industrial, automated applications such as packaging, labeling, wrapping and cutting.

Selecting the correct electric servo motor is absolutely essential to the efficiency and productivity of your motion control systems. Choose from our large list of high or low inertia servo motors with winding options, feedback devices and gearheads to match. The Omron servo motors range from 50W–15 KW

Customized End-to-End Stepper Motion Controllers

Proax Technologies can streamline and automate your factory’s processes with our motion control products and solutions. Our expansive catalogue will support your motion control system requirements with any product that you need.

Stepper motors are carefully sourced and listed to offer more torque per weight ratio, efficiency, reliability, reduced radio frequency noise and a longer life expectancy.

Servo motor systems can become complex and expensive, as most applications require an encoder, and a gearbox at least to operate at maximum efficiency. End-to-end technical solutions that maximize efficiency and increase productivity while keeping costs down for your factory are just a phone call away with one of Proax Technologies’ motion control systems experts.

Proax Technologies’ Servo Motor Details

Proax Technologies catalogue of servo motors are available in customizable frame sizes, and various lead configurations for bipolar or unipolar operation. Servo motors operate motors to optimum their speed range, thereby minimizing the size of the motor, while also increasing torque, and reducing inertia for maximum acceleration.

Servo drives are secure, and easily programmable to suit various motion control needs. Proax Technologies offers several drives with different torque rating ranges to determine the type of motion applications. The most popular servo motors offered by Omron have an incredible range of functions.

These functionalities include mode switching, isolation by direct wiring of I/O signals, position control, embedded relay for direct motor brake control, improved loop control for overshoot and quick setting time and network communication.

Certain models of servo motors offer enhanced communication through popular internet protocols like EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP. Proax Technologies’ catalogue has over 3,500 SKUs of different servo motors and related accessories. Omron EtherCat servos have one microsecond jitter, high resolution encoder and are updated at the scan rate of the PLC, 0.25 msec minimum.

The Proax Technologies Difference

In over 58 year in business, Proax Technologies has provided innovative solutions and quality products for our customers. We continue that tradition by offering end-to-end solutions for your motion control systems needs within our expansive catalogue of high quality products.

Search from our inventory for specialty terminal blocks, industrial networks, programmable logic controllers, pressure gauges, thermometers, power quality, sensing (products sensing) traceability, remote I/O, industrial PC, software, pneumatics, low voltage, enclosures, robotics, HMI, relays, signal controllers, cables and connectors and control components,.

Contact Proax Technologies today about stepper motors, and how one of our motion control systems’ experts can help you find solutions today.

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