Automatisation et robotique

Increase your factory’s productivity with automation and robotics solutions from Proax Technologies. We have an enormous selection to meet your automation needs. Choose from industry leading automation parts and accessories, including top suppliers like Omron, SMC, Phoenix Contact, ABB and Rittal. 

Improve production output rates, operating costs, product quality, and consistency with our robotic automation tools. Search over 1.5 million SKUs to find the products and brands based on your specific needs. Our robotics automation offerings include:

  • Collaborative Robots Robots designed with embedded safety features and perception to work with both humans and machines.

  • Industrial Automation – Our extensive industrial robotics offerings allow Proax business development managers to fit products into any application, no matter the range or payload.

  • High-Payload Robots – Reliable and durable robotics with extreme weight handling capacity.

  • Paint Robots – Finishing touches require extreme accuracy, and Proax offers affordable and high-quality painting solutions.

  • Mobile Robots – Proax offers autonomous mobile robots designed with area scanning capability, and autonomous navigation for material transport applications in a factory environment, which increases throughput and reduces dwell time.

  • End-of-Arm Tooling – Proax has access to a wide variety of end-of-arm tooling, including electrical, pneumatic and custom designs. We offer top of the line EOATs for food, medical, automotive and other industries.  , 

  • 1D, 2D and 3D Machine Vision Systems: Proax offers state of the art vision solutions ranging from 1D line profilers to 2D vision systems, and also complete 3D Bin picking solutions.

We carry the highest quality sensors, rugged barcode readers and verification systems, machine vision systems, programmable logic controllers and an abundance of related products, as Proax offers day-to-day products such as push buttons and bigger solutions like Control systems with PLCs and HMIs. 

Customized End-to-End Automation Solutions

Do you have a robotics application in mind but don’t know where to start? Our experts will work with you to tailor a solution to your specific automation and robotics needs, from palletizing, pick and place, machine trending, case packing, assembling, part inspection, warehousing, painting, 3D bin picking, welding and more. We can help you plan an automation proof of concept, provide customized training and help manage your project to completion. We can also assist you with repairs and offer support online or onsite for industrial start-ups, including robotic, drive, vision or safety features.

Our technical solution team is what sets Proax apart from the competition, and our skilled team of experts is ready to help maximize efficiencies in your factory, whatever your needs may be. 

Robot Cell Solutions to Safeguard Your Team

Worried about safeguarding your employees and equipment? Look no further. Our machine guarding solutions from Troax provide everything you require to protect your team. From mesh panels, safety fencing, light curtains, safety switches, and interlocks, we will create a robot cell solution customized to your needs, designed and assembled in our local workshops. 

Automation Products for Any Industry

Proax Technologies offers flexible and highly customizable automation solutions for a variety of industries, including food and beverage, packaging, automotive, life sciences, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Options range from high performance machines to plant-wide traceability and advanced manufacturing.

The Proax Technologies Difference

For over 58 years, we have provided quality products, innovative solutions and technical expertise for our customers. Our catalog offers the highest quality and selection available to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for any automation need. Search from available inventory for terminal blocks, sensing (products sensing) traceability, remote I/O, industrial PC, software, pneumatics, specialty pressure gauges, thermometers, power quality, industrial networks, cables and connectors, control components, low voltage, enclosures, programmable logic controllers, HMI, relays, signal controllers and robotics. 

Talk to Your Proax Automation and Robotics Expert

Contact Proax Technologies today and speak to one of our robotics experts. Our passionate team will help you find the automation and robotics solution adapted to your needs.

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