Stepper Motors

Boost efficiency in your factory by adding a stepper motor controller from Proax to your motion control systems. Proax Technologies offers both unipolar and bipolar stepper motors from leading brands in various configurations, along with compatible accessories.

Choosing the correct step motor is absolutely essential to the productivity of your motion control systems. Proax Technologies’ catalogue includes 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors, closed-loop stepper motors and brushless DC stepper motors from leading brands with varying frame sizes. All products are carefully sourced and listed to offer higher torque-per-weight ratio, efficiency, reliability, reduced radio frequency noise and a longer life expectancy.

Custom, End-to-End Motion Control Solutions

Motion control products and solutions offered by Proax Technologies will streamline and automate your factory’s processes. Our expansive catalogue will provide any product that you need to support your motion control system requirements.

Proax Technologies team of motion control systems experts are available to provide end-to-end technical solutions that will maximize efficiency and increase productivity in your factory today.

A Proax Technologies motion control expert can add an encoder to your motion control systems. After linking it to an applied motion drive that’s equipped with encoder-feedback functionality, and picking the right drivers for your motion requirements, you’ll see dramatic improvement in system performance.

Stepper Motors

Stepper motor controllers from Proax Technologies have extremely high torque at low speeds. Their high pole count is fantastic for precision drive control within your motion control systems. No matter what pole count you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Proax’s expansive selection of both servo motors and stepper motors. With Omron controllers, steppers are controlled with pulse IO cards and offer open loop simplicity.

Step-up your production capabilities with Proax Technologies’ comprehensive product line of over 2000 SKUs of stepper motors and their accessories from leading manufacturers such as Oriental Motors. Top-selling step motor products incorporate high-voltage insulation and tight air gap tolerances for rugged industrial conditions.

All listed stepper motors in Proax Technologies’ catalogue are available in customizable frame sizes, various lead configurations for bipolar or unipolar operation. Available accessories include the addition of controllers, drives, encoders, gearboxes, brakes, and cables. For extra power and reliability, talk to our motion expert for custom industrial applications.

The Proax Difference

Innovative solutions and quality products have been provided to customers of Proax Technologies for over 58 years. End-to-end solutions for your motion control systems needs can be found within our expansive catalogue that offers a wide range of high quality products.

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