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Machine Safety

Risk management is at the heart of all modern production environments. Ensuring workers safety is a challenge and a constant priority. Proax Technologies offers a wide array of machine safety products and our team is trained to help you assess the risks of your environment. Several of our suppliers offers machine security products including Omron, ABB, Robotunits, Troax and SMC.
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Over the years, Proax Technologies has developed a vast and complete experience in machine safety. We can help you identify the risk of your application and also help you with safety controllers (NX-SL, G9SP, NE1A, etc.), safety relays (G9SE, G9SA, SR103, etc.), safety laser scanner, safety mats and edges, light curtains, magnetic door switch, door switches and much more.

We can also assist with machine safety programming, category implementation or PL: performance level: PLc, PLd, PLe… or SIL: Sil1, Sil2, Sil3, PLC OPEN standards, function block diagrams, product selection and much more.

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Proax Educational Services


The distributed safety architecture of our systems and the involvement of our technical support team on all aspects of the projects allows us to achieve large scale systems or more small scope projects.

In partnership with our suppliers we offer training on machine safety more specifically on related products and new technologies or rules and regulations.

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