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Our team is trained to help you with the following: SCADA, PLC, HMI, RFID, industrial networks (Ethercat, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profinet, etc.), vision systems and Industrial PCs. We can also offer help on the component side with temperature controllers, push buttons, digital display, counters and timers.

Our team is skilled and holds more than 50 years of cumulative years of experience. Many of our team members have previously worked with our partners (such as Omron and SMC). We believe in continuously improving our knowledge, therefore our team has been trained on the following topics: programming languages IEC1131 (SFC, Ladder, Function Block, Function Block diagrams, Structured Text), HMI interface developing, database, application start-up and coaching.

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Over the years we have been involved in projects that make us proud and show how we can build a solution using different technologies and suppliers. We’ve been involved in projects such as the quality assurance of bread topping in a bread manufacturing process, door control in a correctional facility in collaboration with an authorized integrator and many more. When something doesn’t work we’re going to make sure that the issue is resolved by working tirelessly and closely with our manufacturing partners.

Our technical support team can offer customized training in the listed areas of expertise. We are happy to come to your facility to share our knowledge or welcome you and your team to one of our offices.

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