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Our Offering


We have a versatile robotic offering of fixed, collaborative and mobile robots to suit your application needs. Omron Robotics can help improve performance in your facility by increasing productivity, efficiency, minimizing error, shorten turnaround times, and more!


The gripping systems of Schunk, Soft Robotics, Robotiq and SMC Grippers perfectly complement our newest offering of Omron's Collaborative Robots. Whether your application requires food grade, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic grippers, Proax has the solution for you.


Our conveyor offering has a wide range of styles and composition types. We can offer you a quick turnaround time, as a result of our ability to build conveyors in house. At Proax, you will have the flexibility to choose from steel, stainless steel and aluminum conveyors.

DurantOmni Metalcraft

Proax provides a wide range of industry proven, high quality extrusion for your application needs. Our aluminum extrusion is lightweight, durable and has the flexibility to change or add to a design.


Indispensable for a wide range of movements in everyday situations. Proax distributes a wide range of standard products for your custom solutions.

SMCRollonMacron DynamicsHiwin

At Proax, we offer the world's largest perimeter guarding through Troax. Our guarding meets all safety codes, protects from hazards and has a ease of integration with additional safety equipment, such as; light curtains, safety switches, and interlocks.


“The investment made to expand our mechanical offering and grow our technical expertise is aimed at providing our customers with a versatile mechanical solution that ensures enhanced benefits, quality and reliability. I am very proud of our technically strong mechanical team and our ability to invest in the success of our partners and customers as we deliver more innovative products and solutions.”

Stephen Daub

Stephen Daub, President & CEO

Our Value Add


Expert Consulting

Our mechnical expertise and long term sucess in designing and building mechnical projects ensures we have the ability to assist with your projects from inception to final product. Our team can evaluate your facility, identify your pain points and provide solutions for your applications.


Design and Build

Every Structure, whether it be Machine Bases, Fixtures or Frames are designed and validated in house to perform and provide the appropriate stability it requires. Whatever your project or solution requirements, you can be assured that Proax has the product knowledge and capabilities to suit your needs.


Innovative Solutions

At Proax Technologies we strive to provide innovative solutions to always exceed our customer's expectations. Check out our robot cell configurator that allows you to simply configure a standard robotics cell expediting the process of obtaining a quote for your project. Try it now!

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With an unmatched team of experts across the automation industry, we are confident in our ability to offer you the best service and innovative solutions to meet your needs.
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