Safety Controllers

Keep workers safe on your factory floor with safety controller products, software and solutions from Proax Technologies. We have a complete selection of safety controller automation platforms to meet all your factory’s safety needs. Choose from industry leading safety controller manufacturers such as Omron and ABB.

Proax automation platforms integrate a safety solution within our One Connection and One Software concept. We offer products such as safety relays and safety controllers that monitor other safety devices which protect workers from hazardous situations. The Proax catalogue has the highest quality safe stop and start functions for equipment with hazardous motion. Our safety controller computers offer end-to-end solutions and capture data used for predictive analytics.

Customized End-to-End Safety Controller Solutions

Efficiency in process is a factory’s top priority, and Proax knows that this concept should also apply to worker safety. Proax simplifies processes, maximizes efficiencies and creates safety solutions through our One Connection and One Software concept. Omron safety controllers One Connection is established with the Safety over EtherCAT - FSoE protocol, while One Software is provided by Sysmac Studio. This concept streamlines processes for safety controller programming, configuration and maintenance.

Proax’s technical experts are what sets us apart, and our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help your integrators provide the best safety control functions available. Grow your I/O points using one solitary safety CPU to operate functions such as signaling, measuring, counting and positioning. Proax makes it easy for controllers to troubleshoot systems having to do with machine safety, prevent system electrical faults, and as a matter of efficiency, reduce equipment downtime.

Whether your safety controller needs an interface to several safety relays or contactors, requires dozens of inputs for field devices, or needs multiple dual channel higher amperage outputs with different amps, Proax’s technical team is ready to help.

Safety Controller Products and Sensing Devices from Omron and ABB

Our Proax catalogue features safety controller equipment that is compact, expandable and with very flexible functionality. These systems can also fulfil such vital functions as providing a gateway interface between hybrid systems to provide important operating data and status. The safety controllers provide a universal programming language and built-in safety function block controls as standard. Connections can be made with all types of field safety devices such as encoders for safe speed monitoring and presence sensing devices such as a scanner, light curtains and pressure sensitive safety mats.

The Proax Technologies Difference

Having spent more than 58 years in business, Proax Technologies provides products of the highest quality, innovations that solve problems and technical expertise for our customers. Fully integrated end-to-end solutions for any automation need can be found in our expansive catalogue of high quality products. Search from available inventory for terminal blocks, sensing devices, product sensing traceability, software, pneumatics, robotics, power quality, industrial networks, cables and connectors, motion control components, programmable logic controllers, HMIs, relays, signal controllers and more. 

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