Safety Relays

Work safety can be achieved by using reliable safety relays from Proax Technologies. Safety relays are an important part of keeping your factory and end user safe, and Proax Technologies is happy to offer several for a variety of applications. Proax wants to add a longer lifespan to your equipment and uphold work safety. We do that by sourcing all of our safety relays from leading brands in the industry, such as ABB and Omron.

Proax Technologies collected the best sellers to suit any specific requirement. Subcategories include safety monitoring relays, and force-guided relays. Safety monitoring relays and force-guided relays have many different applications, such as emergency stop functions, safety-gate switch monitoring, light curtain monitoring, two-hand control function, time delay functions and safe speed monitoring to name a few. 

More complicated tasks such as, elevator control, escalator control, industrial automation, machine tools, robots, would typically be handled using safety control units or safety PLC’s.

Proax Safety Relay Solutions

Proax Technologies is highly committed to worker and factory safety by creating end-to-end solutions provided by our team of safety specialists. Our expansive catalogue of safety relays have been verified for safety with certifications by various IEC and EN European standards, and are CE, UL and TÜV listed.

We have modular and configurable safety relays options for custom machine automation. These relays use a logic configuration to connect multiple input modules to a base unit and handle many independent outputs.

If your floor workers need help with training, or if your factory needs a process for implementation, a Proax Technologies safety expert is just a phone call away. We pride ourselves on providing hands-on solutions, and are happy to help create the safest environment possible for your workers, factory and end users.

Safety Monitor Relays from ABB

Safety monitoring relays are easy to set up and install. Many are available with program switches for functions such as auto/manual reset, and time delay settings. Removable field wiring terminal blocks are also standard on most relays as well as multiple diagnostic indicators. 

This makes troubleshooting and fault finding effortless. Some relays are available with expandable inputs and/or outputs to help handle multiple safety input devices and multiple output control devices. If panel space is a concern, Proax carries some of the slimmest safety relays offered on the market today.

Safety monitoring relays are capable of several distinct functions, such as protecting equipment and ensuring the safety of your workers, and products. Unsafe machine operating conditions are quickly and automatically detected so the machine or process is brought to a safe operating state as quickly and as safely as possible. Workers and operators can also be alerted if necessary.

Force Guided Relays from Omron

Force-guided relays use mechanically linked contacts so that all connected contacts move simultaneously. Force guided relays are specifically constructed so it is not possible for all contacts to be closed at the same time. Omron force guided relays have at least one NC contact set, and one NO contact set. 

If a NO contact fails when trying to open, the associated NC contact cannot close when the power supply is switched off. This monitoring of mechanical functionality makes equipment operation safer. Force guided relays are also cost-friendly, easy to install and space-saving substitutes to contactors. 

Proax Technology Suite of Solutions

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to work safety for over six decades. Proax Technologies offers the highest quality and widest range of products in our expansive catalogue that provides fully integrated, end-to-end solutions for your machine safety needs. 

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