Machine Safety

Make your factory floor safer for workers and machinery with mechanical safety precautions from Proax Technologies. We have an enormous selection of machine safety products to meet all of your safety needs. Choose from industry leading machine safety manufacturers such as Troax, Omron and ABB to maintain work safety. 

Proax safety solutions are designed to help prevent work accidents and keep your workers safe by addressing any mechanical hazards that may be present to workers and equipment. Proax Machine handling safety solutions are also designed to increase worker efficiency and machine productivity when possible. 

Search our inventory of over 1.5 million SKUs to find the mechanical safety products for your specific needs. Our machine safety offerings include fencing and guarding, light curtains and scanners, emergency stop devices and safety switches, safety relays and controllers, safety mats, machine guarding bumpers, and two-hand control devices.

Machine Guarding

Proax is a technical automation distributor that values machine safety and demonstrates this through employing expert safety specialists to work with you. Proax can even arrange safety specialists with TÜV Safety Certifications to meet with you at your factory to help offer safety solutions, and make sure machine areas are devoid of hazards

Our technical solutions team is what sets Proax apart from the competition, and our skilled team of experts is ready to help with machine safety in your factory, whatever your needs may be. From risk assessment, safety system design, selecting safety switches, machine guarding implementation, Pre-Start Safety reviews, system startup and even machine handling training for your operators.

Proax Mechanical Safety Training

Proax’s technical team is ready to train your workers to make sure machines are being used properly and operating at maximum efficiency to reduce mechanical hazards. Safety training can be done either onsite or remotely and is tailored specifically to the client.

Proax offers engineering workshop safety, innovative product solutions, proof of concept labs, technical product training, safety and risk assessment, manifold assembly lab, power quality audit programming support (PLCs, HMIs and Robots), AC drives certified technicians, field start up for ABB Drives, starter assembly, mechanical installs and compressed air serving and tune ups.

Troax Machine Guarding Solutions Protect Workers

If you’re worried about safeguarding your employees and equipment, you’ll find Troax guarding solutions have everything you need. This means that Troax offers everything from mesh panels and interlocks, to robot cell solutions that are designed and assembled in your factory and customized to meet your needs.

Contact Proax Technologies today and speak to one of our mechanical safety experts.

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