Proax Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions

Increase efficiency and productivity by equipping your factory floor with an HMI offered by Proax Technologies. The Proax catalogue has a quality selection of HMIs, related products and software that will meet all of your needs. Proax features industry leading HMI technical solutions and software from Omron.

Whatever industry you’re in, Omron HMI screens can interface with your controllers and the machines they operate. Equip your controllers with HMIs that combine machine control with data utilization. Proax customers are able to implement systems that improve efficiency and safety, and connect over multiple networks. 

HMIs reduce the total number of inputs and outputs used by the controller, such as PLCs.  This not only lowers the cost of purchasing inputs and outputs, but also reduces the enclosure size, resulting in the controller becoming smaller with less I/O. Bring your factory into the 21st century with cloud based data that’s visible to controllers as well as enterprise databases. 

Customized End-to-End HMI Solutions

Have you discovered a need for an HMI system, but don’t know which one to match with the job you need done? Do you worry that you’re not getting maximum efficiency out of your HMI control of factory robots? Proax sets itself apart from the competition by not only providing an expansive catalogue with over 1.5 million SKUs, but also a team of technical experts that can work with your integrators to find the best equipment for the job. Not only that, but Proax can offer remote or in-factory training for the controllers themselves. 

HMIs provide many vital functions in factories, and the Proax catalogue is ready to provide you with the correct equipment, while our team can help you implement your ideas in the most efficient way possible. Use Proax HMIs manufactured by Omron for barcode scanning, database interface, palletizing and product setup, ERP interface with software, backflush JIT inventory, dashboard performance and production geolocating. 

HMI Systems from Omron

Our HMI interface products are chosen for their reliability and their ability to simplify processes. This leads to safer factory floors and to efficiencies that lead to more cost effective methods in the manufacturing process. 

HMIs from Omron have touchscreen push buttons such as toggle, slide, selector, throw, thumbwheel and more. Interfaces with remote internet access are available, with USB and HDMI ports. Think of HMIs as a customized touchscreen, ready to work with controllers, large robot cells and every other robot in your factory. The big difference being that your controllers can operate and collect data from so many vital functions with a touchscreen tablet for optimal usability. 

The Proax Technologies Difference

Proax has built its name as a leading distributor for over 50 years, providing innovative HMI utilities, technical expertise for our customers. The catalogue we offer contains the highest quality products ready to provide fully integrated, end-to-end solutions for any human machine interface. Contact us now to speak with one of our HMI experts.

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